7D Modeler

The software product is designed to help solving the problems of civil, industrial and infrastructure construction based on the comprehensive use of building information (including 3D geometry, project plans, resources, expenses, related documents and their revisions) within the 7D modeling paradigm. The product can be used to solve survey, design, engineering, management, financial, expert and other tasks that arise during the life cycle of buildings, plants and infrastructures.

The product is designed to work under Windows

The product supports international standards OpenBIM™ to be used with other compliant programs of different vendors. Interoperability at the syntactic and semantic levels is provided by implementing read and write operations of project data in the standard IFC SPF format. Interoperability at the conceptual level is achieved through the use of IFC SDAI interfaces supported by the 7D BIM Server. The 7D Server is designed for centralized storage of building information, including IFC models, in a local network or remote cloud infrastructures, as well as for consistent multi-user operation when using the 7D Modeler as a client application.

Product main features:

  • verification of project data (checking IFC SPF files against syntax errors of the SPF format and violations of the semantics of the underlying IFC information schema)
  • viewing and editing the main project data elements (structure elements, properties, plans, tasks, calendars, resources, expenses, classifiers, etc.)
  • visualization of project data using 3D scene viewers, diagrams, tables and graphs
  • assembly and spatial coordination of 3D models
  • measurement of lengths, areas and volumes
  • markup and annotation of project scenes
  • import of 3D models in GLTF, FBX, OBJ, DAE (COLLADA), CityGML formats
  • detection of spatial conflicts (for static 3D models)
  • project management and planning
  • plan generation based on project structures and 3D models
  • project scheduling and critical path analysis
  • project scheduling and critical path analysis
  • import of project plans from MS Project XML, Oracle Primavera XML formats
  • formation of a space-time project model (4D) by consolidating 3D models and schedules
  • simulation of construction operations and dimension analysis
  • detection of space-time conflicts (collisions, interferences, gravities, workspaces for dynamic 4D models)
  • motion planning
  • printing project data to PDF
  • transformation and post-processing of project data in Excel, SQL, powerBI formats
  • generation of graphic and video materials in JPEG, PNG, WebM formats
  • saving ALL 7D project data in IFC SPF, JSON and XML formats

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